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For the Germans…

…and all other non-Finns/not living in Finland/not studying in Finland.
Of course those who do are allowed to read it too, but it might be less interesting.
Because… it’s about the overalls again.

For those who didn’t read my blogentry about them and want to know what it is about, check it here.

On Thursday is Hämeenkadun Appro, as I already mentioned somewhen earlier, so I took some time today to polish op my overalls, sew some patches and so on.
And I thought… when I am always talking about my overalls, also to those who never really get to see them, it would be kind of a good idea to introduce them more closely.
No, they don’t have a name. Yet.
Actually it’s a good idea.
Any suggestions?? xD

Anyways… I took some pictures today, so they are very up to date…

To start with… THE FRONT!

1) It’s random glow sticks I hijacked from Markus. Or he rather gave them to me. Actually there is no sense in keeping them there, but this is just the point of overalls… so they stay. :D

2) Manchester United lanyard I got when I visited the Old Trafford stadium. It’s a must.

3) It’s Pasi! (Uniklubi’s guitarplayer) On a button.

4) Anti breast-cancer ribbon. Self explaining.

5) Finland.

6) Hämeenkadun Appro, Level 1. Approbatur. (5 drinks in 4 hours.) Level 2, Cum Laude (7 drinks in 4 hours) will follow on Thursday! =D

7) CLINT City Tour. The tour through Tampere that CLINT offers for exchange students provides patches for all exchange students and tutors attending. :D

8) Finland/Germany lanyard. Thank you Basti! :D

9) Red nose! We random got it for free at a shop on Vappu and I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. :D

10) “Never run for a bus! Especially not when it is driving upwards in a 90° angle!” – Spongebob. :D

11) Tuutori. It’s finnish for tutor. Obviously. And I am one. Plus I really like it. ;D It’s so cute with the traffic-sign style.

12) Union Jack. Because I lost my heart in Manchester.

13) Haalaribileet. One of the many parties dedicated to the overalls. :D

14) Tursajaiset. The festival for the 1st year students. Isn’t the octopus just über-cute?

15) The legpart I changed with Markus. :) Embroidered it with the Japanese version of his name (マルクス) and a heart lately. I’m so cute, am I not?

…lets go to the back now…

1) Tuhkalehto. It’s a band.

2) John Deere. Thank you, Markus. <3

3) Some random website for students. Why do I have it? I don’t know. It was for free. o.O

4) Anni. It’s my name.

5) Bubirundi, one club in our school that organizes awesome parteeeys.

6) Lithuania. I’ve been there.

Hah… so now I got explained some of the things.
I looove my overalls. :D

Yeah, so that’s more or less the only thing I managed to get done today. Except going to school.
We builded bridges with having nothing else than paper and scissors. No glue or anything. And it had to be strong enough to hold a toy car and one of your group had to be able to fit through under it. xD
We so managed. :D With more luck than anything else… but still :D
The class was Communication Skills. Quite obvious, isnt it? Welcome to the tourism programme. xD

Oh and today was the fourth day of my trial of dietary change, which includes to eat more regularily and smaller amounts at a time, instead of sometimes way too much and sometimes nothing at all like I did in the past months.
I mean it wasn’t anything bad, but I was kinda worried it might turn into something like a more serious eating disorder or whatever.
Additionally I try to eat more healthy, lots of fruits and salad and stuff like that. And no candies for a while at least.
I am succeeding quite well so far. =D

Sooo… enough boredom for today… :D


“What’s with the overalls?”

Sometimes it indeed is good to have a blog.
I got asked this questions now several times, mostly from German friends or exchange students, so I will explain it here, then I don’t need to tell it 500 times.

The overalls.
It a tradition in Finland that every study programme has those overalls in a specific colour with the name of school and programme written on the back.
I think it’s pretty awesome, as you can design the overalls with patches as shit as you want and the city looks just so awesomely colorful if there is an event where most students where them.
Of course most colors are the same for many study programmes, as there are just too many fields for everyone to have their own color.
We Tourism students are the lucky ones who happen to have a quite unique color. I dare to say that I guess we are the only students in Tampere who have this very bright limegreen. Or the other ones are hiding.
But it’s cool, cause in every party at least 6 people come and ask “Hey, what are you studying, you have such great colored overalls!” =D
Yes, we know we do.

So… to get a closer look…

…to my ass…

So this is how they are worn.
Normally. So you actually don’t wear it like a real overall, but tie the sleeves around your hips.
IMO it’s perfect when you can read school and programme name perfectly. Which is quite tricky at points.

Our very green class on 1st of May (Vappu), the biggest student party day in Finland.

Markus and my overalls with exchanged leg parts. :)
Lots of couples/friends/siblings/etc. do that to show that they “belong” together.
It’s kinda cute I think.

Yeah, so that’s with the overalls.
I was wearing them quite often lately, because they are also a good sign for the 1st year and exchange students to recognize their tutors.
Buuut… most of the orientation stuff is done, I have a free weekend behind and tomorrow also for me school will start again. I am somehow looking forward. :D
Oh and then next week we are already going to visit Zsofi in Hungary for one week. :D It’s gonna be awesome. :)