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Autumn Sun

Sometimes it seems to help to complain.
Yesterday I was annoyed about the weather, because it was rainy, way too cold, windy and simply disgusting. All Finland fans in Germany would love that, of course. But in fact, 90% of the Finns and people who live here for longer than 6-12 months simply want to run away.
Today it was at least sunny, so it didn’t feel that cold, even tho it actually was. :D

I went for a trip to the other side today. Or better – to TTY, the technical university, which is here in Hervanta.
The reason was simple: they still sold tickets for the overall party tomorrow, which were already sold out in our school. :D Of course we could have gone there without tickets, it’s only 2 Euros more at the door and last time at that kind of party there wasn’t a big queue when it wasn’t that late yet.
The thing is that with the presale ticket we will get a patch for the overall, which we don’t get if we buy the ticket at the door. :D
But yeah, thank god for TTY, now we have tickets.
I might need some party for a change. :D ;D

Plus there is JadaJada’s show again tomorrow. An american friend of mine has this impro-comedy group. They had a show already last month and it was totally awesome.
So if you happen to live in Tampere:
Tomorrow, 8pm,
Irish Bar O’Connells!!
:D It is definitely worth a visit! I haven’t laughed so hard ever before. :D

Then on Friday we have a Karaoke party with our class. I hope there are a lot of people coming, also those who left the class. :D

So, the weekend will be full of parteeeey! :D

Yeah, and I wasn’t completely lazy today.
I actually went to the gym for one whole hour today!
Probably my whole body is hurting tomorrow, but it was worth it. xD