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Ruby Sparks

And just as my motivation is giving up on me again – there comes a movie that is so worth telling about. :)

Ruby Sparks
I just saw it with my boyfriend and I was absolutely amazed.
It seems pretty weird, chaotic and unrealistic and well, it is to some extend.
But it is also so deep.

It’s about a young famous writer, who is a bit socially awkward and barely has any friends.
He dreams about a girl and starts writing about her. He gives her a name and personality… and somehow falls in love with this girl that is actually just a product of his imagination.
And well… one day he wakes up and finds exactly that girl in his kitchen, telling him she is his girlfriend.
Now what would you do?
And where are the limits when you have the power to completely control a human being just by what you write?
I won’t tell more, you should just definitely watch it!

Here’s the trailer:
Ruby Sparks