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I’m still alive, even though I don’t really feel like it, cause I haven’t slept in the past nights almost at all and the food doesn’t stay in, no matter what I ate. Oh, beloved stress. -.- Uagh.

Anyways, I survived the survival weekend once more. It was really nice again, even though there were less people and no snow this time. :)
But sauna, campfire and co. are still just priceless. And the salmon of course. It’s a ritual on the survival weekend that one evening we have this huge salmon filet which is nailed on a wooden board and cooked next to the fire for several hours. It’s awesome. Due to lack of Kristian and Santtu it was me and Juho doing it this time and we succeeded perfectly. :D It tasted great. :D

Oh well and then new nerd news. :D
There is yet another intensive programme next semester. This time it will be in Antwerp, Belgium and about Advertisement and Marketing. Hmmm… so I thought okay, everyone else is going on exchange or to the DA intensive programme where I have been last year, so why not apply?
So I did. And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I got in. :D I get everything I want. *insane laugh* ;PP
It’s 2 weeks again, 80€ for me to pay and the programme for the course as well as for evenings/afternoons looks absolutely fantastic. :)

Yeah…that’s already about it.
Me = too lazy and clueless to write more.