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This is so going to my blog!

…or not.
I won’t make any comments about how long this blog was dead and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. xD

But now I have decided I will start a new trial for a comeback, which will probably fail horribly. ^.^

It would take me several years to start talking about the millions of things that happened since my last post. In a nutshell: more gym, Belgium, Baby back, Germany, road trip back to Finland, new awesome exchange students, Särkänniemi, new flat, cat plan, Appro, Mäntyharju… yes, that was about it.

Today was spider day and I have this nerve-eating fear that it might not be over yet. O.o
It started with a very tiny, but very fat one on the living room wall. We hoovered it away, even though I didn’t want to anymore, after Markus put this image in my head of the revenge-seeking spider crawling back out of the vacuum cleaner. o.o

Later I cleaned the whole flat. Not because of the spider, but because it was necessary.
Two hours after that, Markus was at a friends place and I alone and helpless, I spot that harvestman (I avoid the term “daddy longlegs” since I saw that youtube video about the awkward German freaking out about that name, but back to topic) right in the middle of the bedroom floor.
So I take Markus’ shoe and flatten it.

The amount of spiders (and 2 is an amount considering I rarely have had any in my flats here in Tampere) was already surprising me, but I thought 2 is still okay. So I was just hiking my shoulders and wanted to leave the bedroom, sarcastically thinking “Oh, I bet I will stumble right over the next one.” when – I did. Another one of the same kind, but much bigger on the wall between kitchen and living room door. It made a sound when I killed it, because the body was so thick. It was like “PLOPP”. UAGH.
I bet it was the husband of the other one. I bet they have millions of children waiting in some corner of our flat.

I keep scratching myself and look around the room every 2 minutes since that incident.
I feel threatened.

But lets get to more funny topics, yay, I has a new blog! Again.
I had an uncountable number of them during the past years and all are forgotten under a thick layer of dust by now – including this one, but now I decided to have a theme blog as well.
It’s about traveling.
I got the idea when discussing with my friend about differences between airlines, services and prices.
So… yaaay, lets see where that leads. :D

Take care!


Leffailta. -.-

Actually I wanted to be in Ama or Dokkari now, but noooo.
Randomly my left eye was red and hurting and I decided its better to put out the contacts and remove the make up.
I sooooo hope it’s no inflamation. v.v
But well…

I’m quite amazed about my new headphones right now.
Just cheap ones, but the old ones were so broken I wouldn’t hear anything anymore when walking on a crowded, loud street.
Some songs were so quiet, I couldn’t even hear them clearly when it was silent. :D
Now I hear them. Damn good. xD

I’ve been to the center with Ilka for a while today. :)
Got out of the bus and something bumped into me. Heard someone mumbling “sori” and thought that I know that voice from somewhere.
Looked up, saw a grinning Jussi, that was half a second later walking – or better running – on. ;)
Yepyep. xD
Well yeah… some walking through the city, looking in shops, eating lunch at rax and having awesome bananasplit-flavored icecream with my beloved Ilka then. :)) It was great.

Yesterday we’ve been to Kustaa III with Ilka, Sonja, Julia, Nora, Naddu, Kati & Marko to see the jamsession of Capri.
It was quite nice. She’s really an awesome singer.

Soooo… yeah. I guess that’s it.
Now I’m going to put some more ice on my eye and continue to watch anger management.

Oh, btw. I’m amused.
Just saw 2 rabbits in our yard. Like… wild ones…
Was used to that in Mäntyharju, but now I’m in a city. =D Well, that’s probably just Finland. =)

[40] and a ♥ for Mesut Özil x)

So Germany has won the football game against Ghana and I’m again just rolling my eyes about German fans…
If Germany loses (as seen in the game against Serbia) it’s not their fault, but the fault of the “stupid” other team, the referee or whoever.
If Germany wins (as seen today) they still haven’t played well enough.
Somehow strange…
And even if I was told, that I don’t have any clue bout football and should therefore not talk about it, still one thing: be on that field and play and shoot goals yourself, before you blame players for not kicking goals, when they had the chance.
No, I don’t just say that because Özil is my favourite player, but because I guess it’s physically and mentally much harder to be on that field, than sitting on the sofa watching the game from far away! MY opinion!
But well, as mentioned before, I have no clue, so enough bout that. xD

What more to tell?
13 days to go until my beloved Sofo comes to visit me.
Juju and the others told her the big surprise on Monday and it was obviously a success. :D
Great! :D

I went for some jogging again today and I was so motivated that I decided not to stop after about 12/15 minutes for some while, as I normally do.
No, I ran 30 minutes without stopping.
Almost collapsed but was quite proud of me afterwards.
Too bad my “beloved” *hands irony in plasticbags to everyone* former sports teacher Mrs. Boncol couldn’t see me.

Actually I should go to bed now, as I have to wake up about an hour earlier tomorrow to take Jitta to her speech therapy at 9.

Take care and have a nice Juhannus/Midsummer/Sommersonnenwende everyone, if I’m too lazy to write again before Saturday. =P


I’m not even quite sure bout that. Could be still 43 or 40. But rather 43.
Cause today I realized, that August 1st is a Sunday and I can pick up the keys for my room at workdays only.
Have to ask from TOAS again, but I’m likely to move there August 2nd.

Whatever…  Operation “Getting fit for Tampere’s good looking men” is in full swing! xD
I’m actually really proud of me!
Went for some jogging yesterday, walked to Tellu’s place today instead of going by car, went for some jogging again and walking with the dog. :D
PLUS – I’m eating quite much fruit and vegetables these days.
I noticed that I badly need my walking-trousers from Germany…
Because the pockets of my sweatpants fail to keep my iPod. x( And because real walking-trousers look better of course… XDD

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
Firstly cause the weather seems to get better (shouldn’t write that probably, cause then it will rain all day xD)…
Secondly cause I really hope for the letter from TOAS to arrive tomorrow…
And last but not least… no, can’t tell yet. x) Juju knows. *pokes* And also some others do.
But yeah… for reasons I can’t write anything about it in public yet. xD
Maybe tomorrow… hopefully… xD

Now I’m going to feed the cat… it runs through my room “screaming”, as it knows quite well I’ll give it something…
Hell, that’s annoying. XD
Kill the cat.


Get the party started…

After finishing my au pair year, I will also stop writing my au pair blog.
I mean like… completely. ;D (Those who read it know what I mean.)

Therefore a new blog is badly needed, this time in English to be a little more international and to address also my non-German friends.

So… here it is! =D
I’m trying to keep you up to date with how my life and the studies in Tampere are going and everything else… more or less important.
This blog is planned to be a little less one-topic-focused as my old one mostly was… lets see if this works out like I imagine.

I really hope I will get better along with wordpress as I did with and maybe also be a little more motivated to write then…

Why I’m starting this blog already now, although it’s still [43 days] before I move to Tampere, is… that when I get some idea I have to do it in the very second I get it. xD
Yeah, that’s one point… the other one is, that I guess the upcoming weeks will be quite interesting, too.

For now there’s not much to tell, except… I’m desperately waiting for the letter from TOAS for more information about my room, as for now I just know that it’s in Tampere-Lukonmäki and the house is called Lukonkierikka.
Even more desperately I’m hoping that I put my finnish address in the form. Oô I guess I did, but I don’t trust myself. xD Otherwise… yep… it will take some more time.

I’m excited if this blog will get some more readers as my old one did. Or even less… xD
Well… we will see…

Take care,