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Yeah, I had a nice meeting with one today.

I was walking to the local bus stop to go to the gym when suddenly something tackled me from behind.
At first I thought for whatever reason that it might have been one of my friends, who wanted to surprise me. I do not have black, furry friends though, so: no.

It was a dog, rather big, black, quite beautiful one actually.
I had no idea where it came from, there was no potential owner anywhere in sight, I assume it ran away from a garden or through the open door of a flat in the neighborhood.
Anyways, it kept jumping on me, from all sides and snapped after my sleeves, backpack and jacket.
It took me a few moments to sort out whether it actually tried to attack me or just wanted to play. I came to the conclusion that it actually was not aggressive at all. It was not barking or anything, just waving its tail and probably thought I was an awesome friend to play with.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like dogs, even though I am a cat person after all, but I don’t really feel like playing when it approaches me in that kind of way.
As I have lived with a quite playful Finnish dog for a year (even though I highly doubt that Chili would ever randomly jump on strangers on the street!) I tried all kinds of Finnish dog commands that came to my mind. “NO!” “Stop.” “Sit!” “Don’t jump!” “Bad dog!” – It could not care less.

Finally a little girl came, maybe 8, and pulled the dog away on its collar.
The father of the girl came right after her, took her, dog and left to one of the houses.
No apology whatsoever!
I am quite tolerant, I know things like that can happen (even though they really, really shouldn’t!), but the least one can do when their dog jumps on a stranger is to say they are sorry!

Just imagining it would not have been me walking there, but a small child! The dog would have easily pushed it to the ground or even on the street.
Also if there would have been an old lady walking or someone who is really scared of dogs, as I was myself some years back. They would have gotten a heart attack, especially cause it really wasn’t obvious in the beginning what the dog was up to. For some seconds I was just waiting for it to bite.

It just makes me sad and angry at the same time, because it is like with children: if they are too wild, aggressive, don’t listen, don’t have respect it is never their fault, but always their parents or in that case owners!
Surely to some extend it is also the character, but even wild and playful dogs can be trained in the way that they do not immediately jump on people who walk past. I did not run or anything that could have signalized the dog I want to play.

Sometimes I think people should have to go through a test before they are allowed to have an animal or get children, just to make sure that they are able to take the responsibility!

Many dog holders will say “Don’t be like that, it just wants to play!” or something. Well, fair enough, but please take into consideration that some people might not like your little Bello, no matter how cute he seems to you.
Personally I have no problems with dogs walking free, also in domestic areas. As long as they are calm and listen to their owner! It happened a few times that some dog came to me and sniffed to check out who I am. That’s totally fine for me, but even that might be too much for other people.

I just don’t get why people get dogs without being able to handle them at all.
Think about it beforehand! Your daughters big blue eyes shouldn’t be the only reason to get one.

Well, I have a jeans and a shirt more to wash now, because they are pretty dirty of course.

Oh, well… no can do. :D

Now it would like to share some music for a change…
I heard this song already a while ago, but didn’t really pay attention.
Today at the gym the song played on TV while I was on the treadmill and I was somewhere between crying and falling off that thing…
It is really the most beautiful, touching and breathtaking song I have heard in a while.
And the discussions about the sexual orientation of the singer are annoying and senseless! It’s the voice that counts and that is awesome.
Here you go, including my own translation of it.

“Jesse Kaikuranta – Take Me Home

Come to buy me,
I am for sale.
Lots of good love
broken inside a pocket.
You get it for free.

Come to get me,
I am ready.
Memories in plastic bags,
the heart in a suitcase.
Ready to change.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.

For what price do you get me to your side?
I don’t ask for a lot.
I ask for a piece of heaven
and a few kisses.

I don’t give any guarantees, now just take the risk.
Love might hurt.
Remember, you aren’t allowed to change it
when it begins to cause remorse.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.

And I will do my best and more,
so you will never be disappointed,
I swear.
You fixed me again.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me,
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.”

Forest Weekend.

And again it has been almost a week since the last blogentry and again I wonder how it is possible that blog-post-time and life-time go in a different speed!?!?
Strange indeed.

I could start writing again what I had already written on Tuesday before wordpress decided to eat it. But I won’t. Seriously can’t be bothered right now. :P Wasn’t too crucial anyways. :D

Two hours ago I came back from a visit in Mäntyharju at my former host family’s place. I like to call it tenderly “the forest” or “the hole”. Because there is nothing…
But it is awesome to be there, I recognized it once more. When I am in Tampere I don’t really think about it. I have no time to go there, because there is something on most of the weekends and I happen to not really care. Not that I wouldn’t miss them a lot, but there’s so much to do here, that I don’t feel the urgent need of going there.
And when I’m there I wonder how I managed to be away for so long.
It’s like being in another world.

I recognized it yesterday. We watched a movie with Kukka, Tanja, Piia and Tomi and afterwards I was sitting upstairs in the living room, only with candle light and a cup of glögi and it just felt as it did when I still lived there.
I love the friends and party I have here, what I missed in Mäntyharju, but there I have the “family”.

And then there is still the phenomenon with the Finnish.
I mean I am able to speak Finnish also in Tampere, I just don’t do it, I’m too lazy, I feel stupid and lacking tons of words when I speak it. But as soon as I come to Mäntyharju my knowledge of Finnish seems to double or even more.
I’m serious. I don’t have a clue how but it is possible.
I know I could use Finnish with my finnish friends here, too, but then I am always too lazy or when I speak with them in Finnish and I would have something to tell, then I recognize that there are words missing that I would have to look up or explain or ask for or say in English and then I would have to think about how to put all the words to a sentence that makes sense and then – I decide it is actually not THAT important, so I don’t say anything at all. And then again people are annoyed or confused or wonder if they did something wrong or think I don’t speak enough Finnish or… something.
It is annyoing. And I don’t mean the reaction of the people, I can understand that. I mean the fact that it is like that.

Especially cause I recognized again how different it is in Mäntyharju. I was for a walk with Kukka and the dogs and blahblahblahing so much that I am scared her ears started to hurt. XD And I did blahblah in Finnish, not caring about missing words or possible mistakes I would make. It is just so normal, I am used to it. Mäntyharju is not a place I am supposed to speak English, at least that is how it is in my head.
I wonder if it will ever change in Tampere, but I’m afraid it won’t.

We have been in Heinola at Jitta’s volleyball match on Saturday. They won, of course. ;D
Afterwards we visited Kukka’s sister and her family. Was nice to see them again, too. :)

Now I am back home and I think I need to go to Mäntyharju soooooon again. But probably it’s like with the blogentries. Whooooooops – and it’s half a year that I haven’t been there. :/

Aynways, the upcoming week looks promising.
Polish party.
Dinner at Anniina’s.
No Marketing.
IKEA visit with the school and NO afternoon classes = shopping.


I’ll keep you posted.

For the Germans…

…and all other non-Finns/not living in Finland/not studying in Finland.
Of course those who do are allowed to read it too, but it might be less interesting.
Because… it’s about the overalls again.

For those who didn’t read my blogentry about them and want to know what it is about, check it here.

On Thursday is Hämeenkadun Appro, as I already mentioned somewhen earlier, so I took some time today to polish op my overalls, sew some patches and so on.
And I thought… when I am always talking about my overalls, also to those who never really get to see them, it would be kind of a good idea to introduce them more closely.
No, they don’t have a name. Yet.
Actually it’s a good idea.
Any suggestions?? xD

Anyways… I took some pictures today, so they are very up to date…

To start with… THE FRONT!

1) It’s random glow sticks I hijacked from Markus. Or he rather gave them to me. Actually there is no sense in keeping them there, but this is just the point of overalls… so they stay. :D

2) Manchester United lanyard I got when I visited the Old Trafford stadium. It’s a must.

3) It’s Pasi! (Uniklubi’s guitarplayer) On a button.

4) Anti breast-cancer ribbon. Self explaining.

5) Finland.

6) Hämeenkadun Appro, Level 1. Approbatur. (5 drinks in 4 hours.) Level 2, Cum Laude (7 drinks in 4 hours) will follow on Thursday! =D

7) CLINT City Tour. The tour through Tampere that CLINT offers for exchange students provides patches for all exchange students and tutors attending. :D

8) Finland/Germany lanyard. Thank you Basti! :D

9) Red nose! We random got it for free at a shop on Vappu and I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. :D

10) “Never run for a bus! Especially not when it is driving upwards in a 90° angle!” – Spongebob. :D

11) Tuutori. It’s finnish for tutor. Obviously. And I am one. Plus I really like it. ;D It’s so cute with the traffic-sign style.

12) Union Jack. Because I lost my heart in Manchester.

13) Haalaribileet. One of the many parties dedicated to the overalls. :D

14) Tursajaiset. The festival for the 1st year students. Isn’t the octopus just über-cute?

15) The legpart I changed with Markus. :) Embroidered it with the Japanese version of his name (マルクス) and a heart lately. I’m so cute, am I not?

…lets go to the back now…

1) Tuhkalehto. It’s a band.

2) John Deere. Thank you, Markus. <3

3) Some random website for students. Why do I have it? I don’t know. It was for free. o.O

4) Anni. It’s my name.

5) Bubirundi, one club in our school that organizes awesome parteeeys.

6) Lithuania. I’ve been there.

Hah… so now I got explained some of the things.
I looove my overalls. :D

Yeah, so that’s more or less the only thing I managed to get done today. Except going to school.
We builded bridges with having nothing else than paper and scissors. No glue or anything. And it had to be strong enough to hold a toy car and one of your group had to be able to fit through under it. xD
We so managed. :D With more luck than anything else… but still :D
The class was Communication Skills. Quite obvious, isnt it? Welcome to the tourism programme. xD

Oh and today was the fourth day of my trial of dietary change, which includes to eat more regularily and smaller amounts at a time, instead of sometimes way too much and sometimes nothing at all like I did in the past months.
I mean it wasn’t anything bad, but I was kinda worried it might turn into something like a more serious eating disorder or whatever.
Additionally I try to eat more healthy, lots of fruits and salad and stuff like that. And no candies for a while at least.
I am succeeding quite well so far. =D

Sooo… enough boredom for today… :D

Ja yksin taas…

To start with a question: Could you, dear wordpress, stop changing things? It’s hard enough for me to post something here every now and then (as everyone can see) and it doesn’t make anything easier that you decided to hide the “New Post” button somewhere…

I’ve been quite everywhere the last weeks, so I might try to get it through as the explanation why I haven’t been writing anything in a – again – quite long time.

I’ve been to Hungary with my boyfriend earlier this month. We visited one of the former exchange students. :)
It was fuuuun. I especially enjoyed our daytrip to Vienna, where we met another friend.
I wanted to go to Vienna for a loooong time already and I’m happy I managed. It is definitely one of the most gorgeous cities I have ever seen and so worth a visit.

Then we went to Heinävesi and Kajaani to store Markus’ car at the cottage while he is in Japan.
We spent the weekend with his father and stepmother and I also got to know his brother and sister + their families. It was really nice, even tho I was horribly panicking before, because his father and stepmum don’t speak English so I knew I would have to speak Finnish. Which itself wouldn’t have been a big issue, but I had this phobia of speaking Finnish to Markus, wherever it came from, no idea.
But it turned out to work well. We started to speak Finnish already on the way there and it’s easier than I thought.
Even though after all the bunch of Finnish gave me headaches during the whole weekend.
Still it is hard if you have to give others (especially your boyfriend’s family) a good first impression about you, when you are not able to picture yourself like you would in your mothertongue or at least English, as the language skills just still aren’t enough (English neither, I was about to write “the language skills don’t riitä” -.-)… I just feel like sounding kinda retarded at points. But yeah, I hope they don’t think so. ;)

Last weekend we spent in Helsinki, where I met his other 2 brothers. So now it’s only his mother who I don’t know yet.
But for the first time of real “meeting your bf’s family” and then even in Finnish it went really well. At least I liked all of them a lot and felt comfortable around them. :)
We went to see some car fair in Helsinki with another friend on Saturday. It was actually really cool (no Markus, I don’t write that to impress you, I’m just not AS uninterested in cars as you think ;P), there was a lot of tuned shit and awesome paintworks and so on… different kind of cars, trucks and motorbikes.
Made me miss going to see a Ralli though… especially cause two days before I saw Aris name on TV during Ralli SM and awww it made me miss Mäntyharju even more. But I might go there soon. :) Probably in two or three weeks.

Yeah, today was doomsday then, Markus left to Japan. Or – to be more exact – he is still somewhere over Russia in this very moment. But yeah, think positively – the 6 months have started to go over today. ;D And in 85 days I’m flying there myself to see him. :D
As I was quite down I met a friend whos on a visit in Finland and we went for Kebab.
Turned out to be a bad idea, as the kebabguy started to chat with us, asked our names, age and so one and my dear Aino started to tell him everything. Paranoid me panicks. I mean, she is right, he probably does that with every girl, but still. I don’t like it in general, especially from guys like that, but after too little sleep and having to say goodbye to Markus it was just too much. Especially cause the guy wanted our numbers in the end and didnt stop being annoying until we gave them to him – even tho of course mine was made up by myself and not my real number… xD
Still… I was SO happy to get out of there and according to my friend I was white as a wall. And my hunger was gone, too. Bah. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat Kebab again. Scaryscaryfuckingscary.

Then of course Facebook started to fuck around once more, to make sure to ruin the last nerves I had left. Great.
And when I wanted to make myself a hot chocolate to calm down I recognized that the milk had turned bad. v_v
Life hates me. xD

Anyways… the news of my life in brief.
And now I’m going to search for a replacement for the missing hot chocolate. Meh.

Instead of a new post…

(which is needed, i know, but my motivation got lost)

Missä olet, kun en jaksa askelta?
Kun väsyn, kun en uskalla?
Oletko kaukana kun näen sinut vierellä?
Joskus tuntuu että olen liian lähellä…

Ikuinen kaipuu johonkin parempaan.
Syvään uneen, hyvään harhakuvaan.
Oletko sinä, oletko sinä siellä?

Jokainen haluaa olla joku jollekin.
Se on vaan niin vaikeaa kuitenkin.
Olen vahva jos en tarvitse ketään,
Mutta ilman Sinua en ole mitään.

Täytyy jaksaa uskoa,
jokaiselle on se Oikea..


(Where are you when I have no strength for the steps?
When I get tired, when I don’t dare?
Are you far, when I see you by my side?
Sometimes it feels like I’m too close.

The eternal longing for something better,
a deep dream, a good illusion.
Are you there?

Everybody wants to be someone for somebody.
But it’s just so hard.
I’m strong when I don’t need anyone,
but without you I’m nothing.

Got to manage to believe,
that there’s the right one for everybody.)

Little Luxuries

After half a year of living in a flat with a window which was not officially allowed to be opened and could be opened only with huge efforts and only a little side-window which you could open but which was too small for real air to come in, I realized lately how awesome it is to have a balcony-door which you can just OPEN. And not just some centimetres.
Fresh air as much as you want and whenever you want. <3
Especially now, that it got strangely “warm”.
We have had +1°C today and yesterday, which is not normal for Finland in January (last January we had under -10 basically the whole time).
The air is awesome and you can just keep the window open for a while without freezing to death. :D

Still I don’t think ut’s good that it’s that warm, because the snow is getting wet and muddy, so the street conditions worsen, like they did in March last year. The problem is, that it will get really cold again and everything freezes then.
It’s already now horrible slippery, worse than it usually is. But when it freezes it will get even worse. :/

Well, I went to school today only for the Basics of German class.
I decided to talk to the teacher before the class, as I thought it’s fairer that way.

Also Allie, Aleksi and some others talked to her and she seemed to be… well… scared of us.
She was like “Oh. Is it compulsory? Are you sure? You should go and talk to Heikki. Yeah, talk to Heikki. NOW!” O.o Ooooukay.
Heikki was – as always – not helpful at all, so I’m gonna see what I am doing.
I might not be able to transfer the credits, as I didn’t take a “Basics of German” course at the unicersity.
Hilarious, isn’t it? Yes it is. But that’s TAMK. “Sorry, we can’t transfer your credits as you are not able to proof that you know the basics of German” or sth like that. WHAAAAT?

We talked to Annikki because of the Marketing grades. which was weird.
Because I was really scared of Marketing, I was so overtired in the exam and didn’t remember anything. And she told the others who asked all the different grades they got and what the final grade is and to me she was just like “fiiiive.”
HÄ? That’s somehow not possible, so I might just wait until she puts them on winha and then see again. =P
Not being happy to early. Because honestly – it is NOT possible. Only if I had 5 in the CRM AND the exam and I simply don’t. I know that. Oo

Tomorrow first class of “Finnish law”. Not looking forward to. At all.
Because law is incredible boring, at least I assume so. And then the class starts at 5pm. Whole day of being lazy and doing nothing, sleeping in and then going to school at 5? Horrible. Bah.

Oh, by the way.
I dared to change my earrings. I was scared as hell, especially because it hurt or like prickled when changing them.
But they are perfectly fine, not hurting, not red and I don’t seem to be allergic to the material. :D Jee.
Little stars in my ears now.

Yeah and I finally got the lense for my new camera. :D I only tried it inside so far, but it looks reeeeally promising. :)
Probably I’m gonna go to a gig on Thursday with Alisa and Nora and then I try it there. :D *.*